Eastern Cambodia

Mar 11

Eastern Cambodia; Rolling Hills and Massive Corridors

Day 76 – 27th May to Day 78 – 29th May

After Kampot we wanted to make to Sen Monorom in Eastern Cambodia. Bernard had told us there was some awesome riding to be had and a lot of other people had said it’s a really beautiful part of the country so off we went. It’s a pretty long drive at over 600 km so we stopped off for one night at Phnom Penh, unfortunately, yet again we missed the all you can eat KFC. We did get Bernard to sort out a few teething issues with the bike which he sorted in no time at all, respect to Bernard and his mechanics at The Bike Shop. Als also picked up a digital camera so we didn’t have to rely on my mobile phone any more, sweet.

From Phnom Penh we headed straight to Kompong Cham, we could have made it Sen Monorom in one hit but we were told the route was incredible and we wanted to take it slow. Kampong Cham is situated on the Mekong and is the provincial capital. Although it’s quite a large town full of large buildings it’s really very quiet and seems quite empty. We only stayed one night in the Mekong hotel with possibly the largest corridors I have ever seen in any building…wider than a tennis court and probably four courts long.

The next day we got up pretty early to get to Sen Monorom asap. The ride was pretty cool; at first we were surrounded by open flat plains and drove through the occasional rubber plantation with hundreds if not thousands of trees or lined up in a grid system. As we headed east we started hitting rolling hills with some dense vegetation on places, it kinda reminded me of the UK but a hell of a lot sunnier. Once again we were on a new road so it was beautifully tarmacked for a while which then turned swiftly to a dirt track, slower but still a lot of fun to ride. We soon made it into Sen Monorom which is the provincial capital of Mondulkiri although really it’s just a small village albeit beautiful. Just as we rocked into town the heavens opened so we found a place to stay quick sharp and grabbed some food.

By the time we had finished eating the skies had cleared and we decided to head out to find some waterfalls and put our new off-road beasts to the test. True enough I fell off pretty fast and threw myself into a nice puddle of mad. I came round the corner to see Als bouncing around on his bike being flung from one side of the road to the other holding on for dear life. I will forever regret not having my camera ready to take a video.

The waterfall was very pleasant but, despite the rain, there wasn’t much water flowing. To be honest I would have preferred watching Als bouncing about the dirt trail. We didn’t get up too much in Sen Monorom and left the next day for Ban Lung but it was a really beautiful place and fully recommend everyone to go check it out, for those crazy fools that are into trekking there are plenty to be had in the area.