Jun 10

Getting to Cat Ba Island

Day 13 – 27th March 2010

Haiphong City to Cat Ba Island

After getting my gear shift fixed by possible the smallest and oldest man in Vietnam we tried again to reach Cat Ba island. 3 hours later we still couldn’t locate the ferry. Eventually, after driving through an industrial estate for 40 mins, following a scooter down some very bumpy roads / paths for a another 15 mins, we came across the ferry.

I was a bit hesitant getting my fully loaded bike across a small plank onto the boat but all went well and my bike was safely (or so I thought) jammed in with all the other scooters going to Cat Ba. The crossing was fine, albeit a little bumpy, then all of a sudden we went fling of a rogue wave and slammed back on the sea with a big jolt. Everything seemed fine; no one was hurt and everyone’s possessions seemed to have remained on board.

Half an hour later we docked at Cat Ba island, wahoo! We had a relatively steep plank to get the bikes on to shore with so we decided to drive it. Als made it across with no problems where as my bike refused to start. A couple of locals helped me to push my bike across the plank for further inspection.

Turned out the bolts that held transformer and corresponding wires in place had come undone thanks to the bumpy boat ride. Some of the bolts had been lost overboard so Als and I were trying to patch it up with string and electrical tape when a mechanic came out of a shed which happened to be his garage.  With his helping hands and tools we were soon on our way driving around the beautiful island. Each corner you came around opened up in to an even more scenic bay than the last.